The Melbourne Koryu Kenkyukai has recently formed a Study Group under the direction of Bill Fettes, Chief Instructor, Budokai Adelaide,  which is dedicated to the study and practice of Shindo Muso ryu Jo. Bill is one of the most senior practitioners of Jo in Australia, and spent many years studying martial arts in Japan. He holds the rank of Go mokuroku in Shindo Muso ryu Jo. He is the author of the book At the Feet of the Masters: Martial Arts Mentors and Apprentices in East Asia and the recent article “My use of Classical martial techniques while working as a Police Officer.”
The central weapon of the Shindo Muso ryu is the Jo, a short staff approximately 4 feet long, but a wide variety of other weapons are taught as well. Currently the Study Group meets once a week on Saturday afternoon between 3 pm and 4 pm at the Tende Beck Scout Hall.