Your visit to the dojo is both an opportunity for you to learn about the martial traditions taught at the Melbourne Koryu Kenkyukai as well as an opportunity for us to determine whether you are likely to be a suitable member. If you are invited to observe a class, we ask that you follow the guidelines below.

  1. Before coming, do some background reading on koryu. A good place to start would be the list of readings recommended by Meik and Diane Skoss of the Shutokukan Dojo. This list can be found here. Further readings can be found on the recommended reading page found above.
  2. Appearance should be neat and tidy.
  3. Turn your mobile phone off. If your phone must be on, for example for work, please inform the teacher beforehand. Should you need to answer the phone, please do so outside.
  4. Before entering the training area, remove your shoes and place with those of other students.
  5. Bow when entering and when leaving the dojo.
  6. Upon arrival, introduce yourself to the teacher. If you arrive after the class has started, please take a seat.
  7. Observe training without comment. You will be given the opportunity to ask questions.